tod-Z is a Disrupting  talent on Demand Platform, established 2019 in Estonia under the EU regulations, tod-Z  provides
an ultimate solution for hiring talent & accomplishing projects for owners, whom are seeking efficient and fast results with the ultimate time optimization.tod-Z grants the talent and the project owners free and easy account subscription, tod-Z talent are then welcomed to go through the platform’s multi layered assessments which are usually held by our specialised third party companies to assess their cognitive, behavioural & technical skills.Afterwards, interviews will be held by our own specialists in each field. Once the talent is accepted, he/she will be available on our marketplace,with no further assessments will be required from the project owner’s side. tod-Z talent will earn very high rate per hour, they will be able to perform their work within the platform’s project management tool, allowing the project owner to monitor the project progress closely along with the talent.
Project owner will also have the privilege of pitching 5 talent on his project before tod-Z starts billing to kick off.

our vision at tod-Z is to try reducing the unfair payment , Encourgae Remote working environment, agile working process along with cutting the recruitment hassle.

our mission is to disrupt the industry & keep the values of our company Whilst growing , aiming to boost project owners delightfulness & proud talent with their career progress professionally & financially