ADB (Anti Discrimination Behavior)
Lots of entities individuals & corporates are suffering from discrimination where acts of distinctions between human beings are treated worse than they
 deserve just because of old established believes on who they are and from which groups do they belong ,age, weight, family status, sex, ethnicity, religion, 
social class, marital status, disability, color and the list is still has a lot of these classified categories. The harm falls on all levels whether individuals or
 corporates which are operated by a group of people or inside a country which faces same sort of discrimination behavior from the beneficiary party 
who they have common business or interest with, restricting members of one group from opportunities or privileges that are available to members 
of another group, based on unrealistic perception ,leading to the exclusion of those entities based on illogical or irrational decision making. 

-At tod-Z, we are adopting the ADB (Anti-Discrimination behavior) , we want to always assure that we are supporting talent work Profile not  gender, 
nationality nor color,…etc . Same for the project owners, some of them are suffering with being mis-perceived due to their country of origin, 
owners or group of staff, that’s why the talent & the project owner both will  be supported by tod-Z by having  a generated ID to represent them by 
which both will be able to show solitary professional productivity outcome regardless the group of categories each falls under & those IDs will be
 renewable every once in a while to guarantee maximum support & protection only for the quality of work production.