ADB (Anti Discrimination Behavior)

In a world that is fast moving towards a cosmopolitan approach to business and way of life at large, it becomes imperative that we find a solution that adopts a non-discriminative policy towards all of our users, also one that guarantees that the evaluation of one talent will be conducted solely on the basis of skill level and professional experience.

At tod-Z, our Anti-Discrimination Behavior policy ensures that the business transactions conducted through our platform provide equal opportunities and a healthy, competitive context for talent and clients to connect, with nothing in mind but aspirations for success and eagerness to excellence.

tod-Z presents the talent with IDs that only display their professional productivity and experience history. No name, gender, country of origin, ethnicity, religion or any other irrelevant standing is displayed on the platform to avoid any discrimination and guarantee equal opportunities and fair payment based exclusively on skill and experience. The platform IDs also allow for talent rotation, which means that the business owner gets to choose a new talent every time they start a new project; this gives the opportunity of exposure to each talent on the platform and enhances the concept of equal opportunities, taking it to the next level.