You will be asked to sign upfor free by using your LinkedIn or Facebook account. Please stay assured that tod-Z will not share your personal and contact information on your Profile page.

When you have your Profile created after being accepted, you will be pitched by the project owners , they will discuss with you their project requirements and wait for an offer from your side indicating how much hours you will be able to accomplish their project within. Accordingly the Project owner will select the suitable talent for his project.

Once you log into your tod-Z account, you will be able to change your account information in the account settings.Please note that since your ID will be shown as anonymous, some personal details will not be allowed to change. Please be careful when you fill in your personal information in the beginning.

Here are a few reasons for accountssuspension:

Themost likely reason for suspending a user's account:

Posting personal contact information or links to contact information is related to violating  Todder Terms and conditions. This is the most common reason for account suspension. Revealing your identity is by no means allowed on tod-Z.

Please read  our Todder Terms and Conditions Carefully.

If you have any further questions or want to discussyour account suspension, please contact us.

Meanwhile we don’t have account deactivation option , however we are working on it and will be available on your account update soon.

You are required to clear 2 assessments after the profile screening.

This involves a Cognitive assessment offered by our partner Bryq and technical test offered by ourpartner ExpertRating.Once you clear the assessments, there will be a final live personal interview and upon acceptance you will be able to be a todder on our platform and start receiving project pitches.

If you have not cleared any of the assessments, you are encouraged to re-applyafter 3 months.It would be a great time for you to improve your skills and to gain more relevant experience. We will be more than happy to have you back.

Yes, you can re-apply  after 3 months from the previous registration phase.

The good news is that after the profile screening, your account is created successfully on tod-Z, and you willjump directly to the assessment process.

You will be required to clear 2 types of assessments:

The first assessment is a cognitive and psychometric one offered by our partner Bryq.In which your personality, interpersonal skills and ability to work with tod-Z  are assessed.

Once the first assessment is cleared, The second assessment will be a technical one offered by our partner ExpertRating, in which your knowledge depth, professional skills and experience are examined&all the questions are related to your professional background that you have applied for.

In each stage of the assessment process, you will receive updates from us through e-mails.

Please keep your mailbox in check and if you have any further inquiries,

please contact us.

You may take the assessment as many times as you want. If you haven’t passedany of them, tod-Z is welcoming you back always given 3 months difference between each trial .

All the earning will be sent through our third-party payment service provider MangoPay, S.A. You shall create an account with MangoPay and the payment(s) will be transferred to your e-wallet account. You will enter a contractual relationship with MANGOPAY S.A. in respect of payment processing. This is subject to the terms and conditions of MANGOPAY S.A.

tod-Z is registered in Estonia 2019 and operates under EU regulation. tod-Z assures you that as long as your project meets with the requirements of project owners and gets approved, the payment will be transferred to you through MangoPay directly.

Meanwhile the USD is the only currency supported on our platform, however we are working to add more options sooner, will keep this update as a priority.

After you signup and pass the assessment process, your profile will be created on tod-Z. You will be asked to offer the project owner who is pitching your working hours needed to accomplish his project. If the project owner is interested, you will be selected to work ona project. The whole process is anonymous, and your identity will be protected by tod-Z. Therefore, there will be no discriminations or judgements on our platform, and your talent will be fully appreciated here.

Unfortunately, in most cases, postponing the pre-agreed deadline is not allowed. However, unless the project owner has extra requirements, you would be able to re-arrange the milestone and the deadline extension accordingly with the him.

To protect the rights of our users, all the communication will take place inour built-in communication tool on the website. All users identities will be showed as anonymous through operation ID for both parties.

After you sign up&login to your tod-Z account, you will be allowed to create a project. After creating the project based on the skills and the requirements you have shared with us , available talents will be show up and you can pitch up to 5 available talent and select the most suitable one based on your discussion & project accomplishment hours offer which the talent will provide for your decision making. Please be aware that all our talent are well-selected and highly qualified.

It is very easy to sign up for free on tod-Z.

You just need to click the ‘sign up’button and you will be asked to provide your legal documents, contact number and the information related to your company. Once done,  anID will be generated for your profile to keep it anonymous.

Please be aware that all the personal data is under protection and for the detailed information, you could check our Privacy Policy or contact us.

To protect the rights of our users, all the communication will take place in our built-in communication tool on the website. All the identity will be showed as anonymous.

Project fees is all inclusive of (todder fees,tod-Z commission, handling fees) (payment gateway “Mangopay” and other fees))& exclusive of VAT if applicable.

If you have any inquiries, please contact us.

All the transactions on tod-Z are performed through MangoPay gateway. You will be able to use your credit cards and debit cards.

For more detailed information, please check MangoPay’s Terms of Service.

We currently support USD only, but we are working to have other currency options in the near future ,will keep this update as a priority shortly.

Terms and conditions apply Please refer to refund policy in terms and conditions

It is very easy to create a project on tod-Z.

First, you  need to sign up as a ‘Project Owner’ on tod-Z by clicking the ‘Sign up’ button. once signed up on tod-Z, you could create a project, pitchup to 5 talent and select one of them to work on the project by providing him/her project details and requirements.

You canchoose only one talent per project yet you can pitch up to five to settle on the most suitable. All the talent on tod-Z have passed our multi-layered filtering process.

Yes, you have the right to change for another talent on tod-Z, but the process should be conducted in accordance with our terms and conditions.Please be aware that, if you have previously approved the work from our talent you want to change, we cannot refund you the money...

The project cancellation depends on the project milestone you reached, to know more about project cancelations please check our terms and conditions.

Please feel free contact us if you have any questions.